Transportation Bid and Requirements

Head Start Locations:

A list of all Head Start centers containing their addresses, name of the contact person, and their telephone numbers has been included on separate sheets in this bid package.  The Head Start Home Base locations should not be considered in this bid unless discussed with and approved by Northern Tier Community Action Head Start.

Dates of Operation:

Transportation will tentatively commence in September 2021 (date TBD) and is tentatively scheduled to conclude in May of 2022. The majority of the weeks we are in operation transportation will be either (4) or (5) days per week, Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday depending on the status of the center. The tentative days that the children will not require transportation due to in-service, holidays, etc., will be provided to the successful bidder; however, this calendar may be amended and should be confirmed as accurate by the contractor.

Hours of Service:

Center operating times will be Monday-Thursday/Friday from approximately 8:30/9:00 A.M. until 2:00/3:00. Scheduling is tentative at this point in time.

Location Address
Bradford I Head Start 20 Russell Blvd., Bradford
Bradford II Head Start 24 W. Corydon Street, Bradford
Bradford III Head Start 20 Russell Blvd., Bradford
Johnsonburg Head Start 607 Center Street, Johnsonburg
Kane I Head Start 226 Chestnut Street , Kane
Kane II Head Start 226 Chestnut Street , Kane

All bidders must agree, without exception, to adhere to all sections of 45 CFR Part 1303 the Head Start Federal Transportation Regulations. Examples of the regulations include but are not limited to such areas as bus runs which may not exceed (1) hour in length unless circumstances exist as outlined in the Head Start Transportation Regulation 45 CFR Part 1303.73; all transportation routing must adhere to the regulations as outlined in Part 1303.73; and all children must be secured in height and weight appropriate seat restraints. Children are not to arrive early at their center, nor remain beyond the normal pick up time each day.

Child Addresses:

The bid should reflect a cost per child based on the maximum number of potential riders for each site. Final rosters of the children to be transported will be provided to the contractor as soon as they can be verified. During the course of the year children will be dropped from our program roles and others added which will cause changes in the trip routing at any given location. Contractors are to handle these address changes through the contact person as identified on the “Center and Home Base Locations” sheet or their designee at that center location.

Service Area:

The actual transportation service area for each Head Start location will be determined by the maps included with this package. We wish to transport as many of the children enrolled at our sites as possible, therefore the transportation radius will vary from location to location hence the mileage, and transportation costs will fluctuate. We may occasionally, at our discretion, be willing to absorb the additional cost and require that a child outside of the area covered on the enclosed maps to be transported.

Potential contractors should take into account that our center based locations will occasionally also require field trips to and from local businesses, farms, etc. throughout the course of the year. If this cost is to be billed on a different scale, or in a different manner, please note it in your bid. All bids are submitted with the understanding that should there be a great change in the numbers provided adjustments would be made prior to the completion of a contract.

Transportation Calendar:

It is presently planned that the children will require transportation for approximately 150 +/- days for part-time and 170 days for full time between September 2021 and the end of the program in May. Tentative program calendars will be provided to successful bidders. The calendar will identify the days that transportation will be necessary.

Contract Duration:

The contract for transportation covering the Head Start sites operated by Northern Tier Community Action Corporation would cover program year 2021-2022. Northern Tier Community Action Corporation reserves the right to dissolve any and all agreements for transportation should their funding for the Head Start program be reduced or eliminated making it impossible to fulfill the terms of the agreement.

Driver Hiring, Requirements and Training:

All drivers, both regular and substitute drivers must have the following minimum qualifications and be required to have this documentation in their possession while transporting Head Start children.

  1. A valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License;
  2. A valid physicians certificate (PA DOT form DL 713 or more recent form);
  3. A School Bus Operator’s Certificate (Form TS765 or more recent form);
  4. A PA DOT/Certificate of Completion (PA DOT form DL 713 form);
  5. All drivers will have Act 34 and Act 151 clearances prior to their employment;
  6. All drivers must have an FBI Fingerprint Clearance;
  7. Bus drivers are required to have a physical and TB testing and/or current TB Assessment and also to provide Northern Tier Community Action Head Start with documentation of this compliance that will be maintained on file;
  8. Updated Northern Tier Transportation Policies are also included for your review and consideration.

Evidence of all driver documentation will also be furnished to Northern Tier Community Action Head Start where it will remain on file. All changes and or updated driver information will be provided by the contractor as soon as it becomes available. This includes any revocation, suspension, or acquisition of points against the license of any driver occurring during the term of the contract.

The contractor will comply with all provisions of the Head Start Transportation Regulations 45 CFR Part 1303 as they apply to driver training requirements, and also to provide Northern Tier Community Action Head Start with documentation of this compliance, which will be maintained on file.

The contractor will remove any driver who exhibits unsatisfactory behavior, a poor driving record or driving skills in the performance of their duties, which in the opinion of Northern Tier Community Action Head Start warrants his/her removal from any bus. Northern Tier Community Action Head Start reserves the right to request the removal any driver who exhibits poor driving skills and/or who violates agency and/or program rules i.e. non-smoking requirements, confidentiality, etc. during the course of the contract.

Bus Monitors and Passengers:

Each bus operated under this contract must have an assigned bus monitor. Northern Tier Community Action Head Start in conjunction with the contractor will provide any and all necessary training to these monitors as required under the Head Start Transportation Regulations 45 CFR Part 1303.

The contractor agrees to provide the enrolled children and parents with pedestrian and bus safety training within the first 30 days of the program.

The contractor will under no circumstances transport anything outside of their passengers and their personal belongings in any vehicle while engaged in the transportation of Head Start children to and from their centers.

Vehicles to be used for Transportation:

The contractor agrees to provide vehicles which conform to the approved standards as set down by or in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and the National Head Start Transportation Regulations as defined under 45 CFR Part 1303 as applicable. All vehicles must meet the minimum requirements of the Bureau of Traffic Safety. All vehicles will receive the required state inspections, comply with all laws of the Commonwealth, be maintained in good mechanical order, as well as kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

All vehicles will be equipped with the necessary restraint systems installed by the manufacturer for each child as defined in the Head Start Transportation Regulations. Please note bid requirements.

If special appliances are required for the transportation of a passenger whose physical condition warrants, Northern Tier CAC Head Start will provide such equipment at the contractor’s request. The contractor agrees to install, maintain, and utilize said appliances in the appropriate manner for the duration of the passengers need. If provided by Northern Tier Community Action Head Start the appliances will be labeled as the property of the Head Start program and must be returned at the conclusion of the contract term.

All Head Start regulations must be adhered to at all times.

Bidder Required Information for Bid Consideration:

Provide Northern Tier Community Action with a cost per child, per ride resulting in a daily rate for transportation services by Head Start location.  This rate should reflect the maximum number of children who may require transportation times the cost per child/per ride per day.  Our goal is to have all transportation service provided under one contractor whenever feasible, however multiple contractors will be considered if necessary.

Bids should show the cost per day and the annual cost based on the maximum projection of 150 – 170 days +/- on which transportation will be required.

Bid must include the number of bus seats available for both children and monitor for each location site.

If bus monitor is an additional charge, please include that in your bid.

The bid must be submitted in sealed envelope clearly marked “TRANSPORTATION BID” by May 18, 2021 @ 1:00 PM.

The bid may also be sent electronically with a read receipt to or .


Northern Tier CAC reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids, and to waive any bid irregularities at our discretion.