Whole Home Repairs Program

Whole Home Repairs Program


This service is provided to individuals and families in Elk and Potter Counties to address housing insecurity and the climate crisis by providing grant funding for up to $50,000 per unit in repairs for homeowners to support upkeep and weatherization. Additionally, this program provides funding to Elk and Potter Counties for construction-related workforce development.

Eligibility Criteria

Home owners must have an annual income no more than 80% of the median area income and qualify
for both of the following:

  • Are 62 years of age or older or are disabled
  • Have Property taxes paid in full
Basic Information Needed:
  • Name, address, age, contact information, and the number of people in their household
  • Income information for the applicant and anyone else living in the household who has an income
  • Proof that your property taxes are up to date